Expert risk assessments of parents where violence or abuse within the family is a concern

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We offer expert risk assessments for all forms of family violence and abuse.

Domestic violence risk assessment

Purpose: typically to assess whether domestic violence is likely to occur or recur between a child's carers (and thereby compromise the child's safety and welfare).

Child physical abuse assessment

Purpose: typically to assess whether a child is likely to be placed at risk of non-accidental injury by a parent.

Parents' protective ability

Purpose: typically to assess whether a child's carer has the ability to recognise the potential for future harm and has sufficient willingness, confidence, knowledge, skills and authority to assert him/herself to ensure that appropriate boundaries are maintained and that the child's safety and welfare are prioritised.

Treatment suitability assessment

Purpose: typically to provide a prognosis of whether specific child-protection treatment goals (usually identified in a prior risk assessment) are likely to be achieved within the child's timescales.

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